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Welcome to AKDESIGN website. Here are some recent projects below. Please feel free to have a further look around my portfolio of designs, illustrations and photography. See my contact details If you would like to know any further details.

Digital Marketing campaign
Aloof poster
Ticket screen design
Brochure design
POP smart card Top Up app design
Digital screen design
Northern secrets exhibition
POP Enewsletter group
Think how
Drink Me Tea
Websites and Digital Media Adverts
TFNE rebrand stationary
Window design
sunderland connect bus designs
Digital technology presentation
Alice Kevans interiors, exteriors and exhibition boards_2015
Mahal Envy branding
POP card checker app design
Online store Nexus
Nexus Live departures for phones screens
Nesti magazine
Northern secrets branding
Neca business cards
Sinclair Cider
Cycle Pop lockers
NETTG leaflet
Metro book
Japan magazine spread
photo 1
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